Hayward Dealers Golf Club


The Hayward Dealers Golf Club is located in the San Francisco Bay area.  We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club established in 1980 that meets once a month to play fun and challenging golf courses throughout the bay area, from Monterey to Marin, usually on the 1st Saturday of every month.  We hold 12 handicap tournaments a year and each tournament is divided into two flights with prizes for the top spots in each division.  We also hand out raffle and “closest to the pin” prizes after each tournament.

The club championship is held each September with an annual club breakfast before the tournament.  During the breakfast, we elect the club officials for the upcoming year.  We also have an annual Christmas dinner party for our members and their families, the night before our December tournament.

New members are always welcome.  If you love playing golf, this is your club!  You don’t have a handicap, don’t worry, come join and we’ll help you establish one. 

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You can also find use on the NCGA.org website under east bay associate clubs.